Valhalla Sound Circus (VSC) is a cultural event that evokes an environment of free expression by combining a plethora of live musical performances with numerous visual art installations devoted to unifying and strengthening the bass music community.


Built on the dream of synthesizing art, music, adventure, and partying into an entire unparalleled and un-describable package, the Valhalla Sound Circus is more than just a music festival, it's a pilgrimage.


Months of planning and designing culminate into a burst of creative expression that fully immerses the participant in a unique experience for all their senses. The communitarian spirit helps encourage participants to get to know each other, inspiring people to highlight their individualism while celebrating together.


You are invited! Loosen the shackles of monotony, and engage in something far greater than the sum of it’s individual parts!





Enter the Thunderground, Quebec’s iconic altar of bass music worship!


Surrounded by a rich tapestry of trees brimming with the most worthy warriors of Valhalla, a colossal wooden fortress harbours the shrine where the Gods bang their hammers throughout the night in festive celebration. Two immense glowing towers sit alongside the fortress, amplifying the static in the air, sending vibrant rays of light so far into the sky they can be seen from kilometres away, paired with a custom ISM sound system that’ll send tremors throughout the land.


Delivering non-stop drops of vigorous proportions, the Thunderground is the very heart of the festival. This epicentre of energy is home to some of hypest artists in the bass music game and further offers various sorts of fire & dance performances you won’t want to miss. Leave your world behind and embrace the fiery heat of the Thunderground!

“We may have all come on different ships, but we’re in the same boat now”


Like the Sea, the Drakkar offers a refreshing deluge of talent, performances and live acts. Day or night, there’ll be a party happening so go with the flow… and rock the boat baby!


Meet the Drakkar, Valhalla’s newest addition. Sailing back into port for it’s second year, the Drakkar is a man-made monument completely constructed with wood, tree trunks and other materials gathered from the bountiful forests of Valhalla. Built to last, the Drakkar can weather any storm. Equipped with renowned 40hz Sound, the Drakkar crashes through the waves with a massive sea of vibrations.

Keeping your finger on the pulse of the Hive is a challenging but rewarding task.


Hidden within the forest of Valhalla, this psychedelic sanctuary harbours an abundance of diverse soundscapes and vibes contrasting but complementary to the programmation of the Thunderground and Drakkar. Submerge yourself inside the Hive’s kaleidoscopic foliage and multi colored ornaments, escaping down the rabbit hole to a 360 degree decorated woodland designed to repose your body, refresh the mind, and gather your spirits.


Teeming with activity day and night, the Hive stage is always open to the busy bees of Valhalla.


We at Valhalla Sound Circus strongly believe that the best way to truly experience a festival is to be a part of the it, living every moment of this annual celebration amongst fellow Valhallians who share the same love, support and enthusiasm for this festival as you do. This remarkable community was built over many years and strengthens with every edition, based on family values such as mutual respect, acceptance and unity. Everyone contributes in assuring one another’s safety and well being, while also providing an enjoyable experience for all.


Sleeping under the stars, finding warmth in the wilderness, at Valhalla you can be many things, but you’ll never be alone



Wild camping is already included with the purchase of your VSC 2017 ticket, so there aren’t any extra charges for camping upon your arrival at Valhalla. Wild camping allows you to roam free within Valhalla’s limits to set up camp in whichever environment you like; wether it’s amongst the masses of fellow warriors, or the shaded tranquility of the forest, there’s never any shortage of space or adventure when it comes to wild camping!




Car camping allows you to have your vehicle on site beside your camp, giving you a safe place to store any valuables, or simply to power/recharge appliances. Camping with your car does have its benefits, but using it for transportation on, or around the festival grounds is sadly not one of them. Once everyone is all settled in for the weekend no one’s tent is moving, and neither is your car!


Car camping is NOT included in the price of your VSC 2017 ticket, this option will cost an additional 50$.


Car Camps are limited and will be allocated on a «first come, first serve» basis.



  • Respect your neighbours

  • Clean & maintain your campsite everyday (don’t wait until the last day, garbage WILL attract animals!)
  • No open flames or fires are permitted

  • No excessively loud noises after midnight (ex: sound systems, horns, bells etc… The action is happening elsewhere anyways, let the sleepyheads sleep!)


  • Car engines must remain off at all times (only turn on to “battery” to recharge or power an appliance)

  • Please be considerate when setting up your campsite (don’t hog all the space, please leave some room for your neighbours to set up camp)

  • Please be mindful of your tent size (you don’t need a 10 person tent if there’s only going to be 2 people in it)



Repeatedly breaking these rules may lead to expulsion from the festival, so let’s be smart and have a safe, clean Valhalla!


July 13 - 17, 2017